Mosaic Tiles Sampler

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Tile Size

Mosaic Sheet Size

Tiles per Sheet

Sheets per Square Meter

Sheets per Box

25mm 325mm x 295mm 132 10.5 10
50mm 315mm x 315mm 36 10 30
58mm 300mm x 300mm 25 11 30
60mm 315mm x 315mm 25 10 30
75mm 305mm x 305mm 16 10.75 30
97mm 300mm x 300mm 9 11 25
100mm 300mm x 300mm 9 11 10
200mm N/A (individual tiles) N/A 25 pieces 25 pieces

Note: There can be significant colour variations between batches. If this is vital to your application please check by obtaining a recent sample or viewing an entire sheet before ordering.