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Wet areas can really test the quality of your tiles. Even more so, when those areas are outside 'public areas' and open to the weather. This is where using a CERTIFIED Wet Area Tile makes all the difference. Read on to discover exactly what is covered by the CTL CERTIFED approval rating.

Suppliers and Specifiers

Only qualified providers of ceramic and porcelain tiles have access to the CTL CERTIFIED range of tiles. These providers and 'specifiers' have been chosen as experts in their field and can provide you with the knowledge and advice that you need in order to guarantee your project success! They are local agents who enjoy a good reputation in your area with top quality products.

Suppliers and Specifiers

Technical Specifications

Low Water AbsorptionLow Water Absorbtion

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-3 = less than 1% water  absorption (3% - 6% for CTL-100-142 and the 200mm range). This guarantees that tiles will look good for longer and won’t crack in extreme weather conditions. The possibility of damaging seepage, water marks or edge discolouration within the tile is totally eliminated.

Frost ResistanceFrost Resistance

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-12 = guaranteed frost resistance. Tiles will not crack in freezing conditions - necessary protection for outdoor use in New Zealand.

Bending StrengthBending Strength

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-4 exceeds 40 N/mm2 (20 N/mm2 for CTL-100-142 and the 200mm range). Strong tiles are able to withstand any flexing load making them ideal for floors & steps in wet areas and for high load bearing requirements in public areas.

Stain ResistanceStain Resistance

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-14 = a minimum Class 3 resistance to staining. Tiles are naturally protected from stains and marks and will continually look good in all situations.

Crazing ResistanceCrazing Resistance

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-11 = fully craze resistant. High grade glazing will ensure that the colour and clarity of the tile surface remains intact for the life of your application.

Thermal Shock ResistantThermal Shock Resistant

CTL Certified to resist dynamic temperature change which can cause cracking or discolouration.

Chemical ResistanceChemical Resistance

CTL Certified to ISO 10545-13 = a minimum Class ‘B’ resistance to acids and alkalis in low concentrations. Class ‘A’ resistance to household and swimming pool cleaners. Salt and chlorine compatible for swimming pool and public use or wet areas around the home.

Easy MaintenanceEasy Maintenance

CTL Certified porcelain tiles are easy to clean using water and a mild detergent.

Constancy of SupplyConstancy of Supply

CTL Certified = reliable constant supply over time. These tiles will generally remain available over a long period of time and they are held in sizeable quantities.

30 Years30 Years

Top quality CTL Certified tiles have been used in the swimming pool and bathroom market for more than 30 years. The tiles are rigorously tested before receiving the CTL Certification which means that you can be assured that they will look great and perform well for many years to come.

Surface Hardness

Hardness of SurfaceCTL Certified to exceed En 101 Moh Scale level 5. Tiles will withstand impact ensuring a long life in high use areas.